Jul 13th 2017

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol.  It is one, of nearly 100, cannabinoids found in cannabis.  CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis with multiple healing properties.  Research has found CBD to to be beneficial in these ways: pain relief, anti-anxiety, reduces blood sugar, reduces nausea and vomiting, anti-inflammatory, sleep aide, reduces risk of artery blockage,  inhibits cancer cell growth, treats psoriasis, anti-psychotic, antispasmodic, promotes bone growth, protects nervous system degeneration.  

Do I have to pay with money order?

NO!  In fact, we prefer that you don't! 

I WILL EMAIL AN INVOICE!  We are considered a high-risk business. Not all credit card processors support CBD business. I am working on some alternative payment solutions.  PROMISE!! I’m trying to get the best rates available.  These are not costs we want to pass along to our customers.

I still don’t get it....

Don’t worry about it. Just check your email for your invoice!  They are sent manually, so you will not get one right away when you place your order. Invoices are typically sent every morning.  

When does it ship?

We do our best to ship as quickly as possible.  While typically products ship next day, we please ask that you anticipate a one week wait time.  We are a very small company--two people! Occasionally shipping is delayed due to the number of orders in front of you. Shipping can also be delayed because we are processing a fresh batch of CBD.

UPS delivery usually takes 3-5 days AFTER it’s dropped off at the UPS office. The BEST way to check on your package and track it, is to sign up for my UPS account. This is easily done and only takes a minute.  www.myups.com  Not only will you receive notification of packages shipped from us, but you can track all of your packages coming through UPS. Shipping labels are printed through PayPal, therefore, you can also find tracking information there too. An email is sent from PayPal AND from Slosson Hemp once a shipping label has been created with a tracking number.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We wish we knew!! We have negotiated rates with UPS to minimize shipping costs.  This has enabled us to pass along a flat shipping rate of $9 for ground shipping. This makes shipping costs fair for our customers.  We hope that in the future we'll be able to go back to USPS shipping.

Where can you ship to?

Currently, we are shipping to all 50 states. We’re working on international options. 

Is there THC in it?

YES! We currently are making whole plant extracts. While the THC that is in there is within legal limits, it is in there. For products to be considered hemp products, the THC must be .3% or lower.  

We understand that this is a risk many of our customers cannot take.  For those customers, we now offer CBD isolate products.  They are 99% CBD and 0% detectible THC.

Do you have to have a medical marijuana card to purchase?

NO!  Our products are not THC products. They are CBD products. CBD was made legal nation-wide when the national 2018 farm bill passed.  Some states still have other regulations that you should check into if this is a concern for you.

CBD products must contain less than .3% THC. Our tincture contains .07% THC. So as far as our products being within the legal guidelines of it being considered a hemp product, we are in compliance.

Is it legal in all 50 states?

Yes and No! CBD is technically federally legal with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Some states have further laws and restrictions.  Please check your states laws.

I will note once again, that this is a very gray area.  There are many arguments to be made about the legality.  Some companies will state that CBD products are legal.  For the time being, we advise our customers that it is *technically* federally illegal.  We are here to help improve lives and would never want to leave you all with the impression that we had lied.

*****As of 2018, CBD was made federally legal with the passing of the farm bill.  Please continue to exercise caution when using full spectrum CBD products.  While it may be federally legal, there are still many work places that will continue to drug test.   

 Will I fail a drug test?

There are a lot of variables to this question. Most importantly, what kind of drug test it is. There is always the possibility that it will produce a positive test result. Urine tests look for the metabolite that is a response to THC. A blood test *should* confirm that your THC is within allowable limits. Different places use different tests and have different allowable limits. Other variables include how much you use and your metabolism. **Do not drink a bottle of tincture before you go for a drug test. You will not be happy. ** Some research also indicates that other prescriptions can cause false positives.

If drug testing is a concern, we recommend our isolate products.

What should I get for xxxx ailment?

This is basically a preference as to how you medicate. The tincture and dabbing distillate work REALLY well together. Tincture lays the foundation for all day relief. You can vape/smoke throughout the day as needed. Vaping is fast-acting. Older folks with achy joints are going to like the rub. We always recommend using at least two methods together.

How much should I take?

Dosing is very subjective. Standard dosing has not been extensively studied. You are pioneers! I typically recommend adults start with about 15 drops before bed. If you feel like you could take a little less, take a little less! If you need more, take a little more! For children, I recommend starting with 1-2 drops per 10 pounds.

Can you make it stronger?

YES! We are always happy to make something custom for you. Whatever product you’re eyeballing... use the base price of that and then add 10 cents per mg for anything additional you would like. So the small bottle of tincture is $35 and has 250mg in there already. If you want to add another 100mg, add $10 for a total of $45.

Is it safe?

We believe it is the safer choice! We are responsible growers. While we have not requested to be certified organic, we do use organic practices. We use essential oils and beneficial insects in place of traditional pesticides.

Do you make something for pets?

Pets love our tincture! They only need a few drops. Generally, 1-2 drops for every 10lbs is a good start and then adjust as needed. 

Can I overdose?

NO! Worst case scenario is you take a well deserved nap.

Can I be a retailer?

Yep! Let’s talk!  We are excited to get our products into some local shops to help our customers save on shipping costs!

Are the oils supposed to separate?

It is very common for the oils to separate. Just give it a good shake! We try to keep our products as natural as possible and do not add emulsifiers that keep the oils together.

Where is my tracking number?

Check your email for notification from UPS and/or PayPal. I also manually update your shipment on the store website with your tracking number.  Signing up for notifications from www.myups.com is recommended.  Not there? Then message.  Please, remember to give me a few days to actually prepare and ship your order. You should receive notification that your order is preparing to ship as soon as I have created your shipping label.  

How much is in the bottle?

When we talk about bottles, we speak more in terms of how much CBD is in the bottle.  Our small bottle is 250mg and a large bottle is 500mg. The small is about 15 ML, the big bottle is about 30 ML.

Why is CBD measured in weight? How does that compare to ml?

CBD is measured in weight partly because it is the industry standard, but also because it is the active ingredient that you’re paying for. So for example, in the 15ml bottle is 15ml of tincture, not CBD.  The bottle contains 250mg of CBD.

How long does a bottle last?

This really varies. The small bottle is 2-4 weeks. The large bottle 4-6 weeks.

How should the products be stored?

Keep them out of heat and direct sun.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

That is a personal decision that we recommend discussing with a trusted physician. Our only caution is that there is a minute amount of THC in the products. So there is always a chance of failing a drug test.

How Do I take the tincture?

There is no wrong way! Typically, tincture is taken sublingually. Place your drops under your tongue for at least 30 seconds and then swallow. If you hold it under your tongue, it will absorb into your bloodstream more quickly. The tincture can easily be mixed into any food or drink.  The tincture can be used as a rub as well.  There is no sweet sticky stuff in there!

How long does it take before feeling relief?

Everyone is different. Generally, tincture can take from 30-60 minutes to take effect. Vaping is best for immediate relief.  Some customers have found that it requires several weeks of building up their CBD levels to feel full effects, so don't be discouraged if you're not feeling like a brand new person on the first day!

Do you use pesticides?

We use essential oils (rosemary and peppermint), chickens, guineas and beneficial bugs, like lady bugs and the praying mantis.

I received my products, why do they look cloudy?

That's just the natural flavoring.  Some of the flavoring really likes to separate, i.e. the chocolate.  Just shake, shake, shake!